The Quart Towers


These towers, which were part of the first Christian city wall, bear a certain similarity to the Castel Nuovo Gate in Naples. There are three main parts to the structure : two cylindrical towers and a half-pointed arch which joins them, thus forming the gate. They were originally called the Cal (Lime)Towers because for years, all the lime that came into the city had to pass through this gate. During their centuries of existence they have been put to various uses, including that of a prison for women as well as a military prison. Signs of the bombardment that the city suffered in 1808 can still be seen on their outside walls.

  • Features:
  • Type: BIC Monumento
  • Times: Lunes a sábado 9.30 h a 19.00 h Domingos y festivos de 9.30 h a 15.00 h
  • Season: siglo XV
  • Address:
  • C/ Guillem de Castro
  • Valencia

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