Mediaeval Complex


The Christian foundation of the Villa de Alcoy dates back to the year 1256, and from 1305 onwards it had its first urban expansion or suburbs, which in the 14th century was called Pobla Nova de Sant Jordi (New Town of Saint George) or Vilanova d'Alcoi (Newtown of Alcoi). The Raval Vell (Old Suburbs) was defended by a wall and various towers, of which the remains of the Torre de l'Andana (in the Placeta de les Xiques), Torre de N'Aiça and Torre-portal de Riquer, which was at the same time the entrance gate to the town along the Castilla or Madrid road, are still conserved. At the beginning of the 18th century, on the occasion of the War of the Spanish Succession, a bastion was built next to the Torre de N'Aiça. Years later the towers were adapted into homes and in the wall of the street of the Puríssima a wider gateway was made - called Arc de Sant Roc - in order to allow access for carriages through the street called Sant Roc.

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