Tossal de Manises


These ruins reveal the existence of a completely walled city that was set on a hill. The original walls date from II century B.C. and correspond to an Ibero-Roman city. Battles and the passage of time, however, have levelled it to ruins, much of which still remains to be explored. The remains of Lucentum to be found here warrant the site being declared a National Historical Artistic Monument.

  • Features:
  • Type: BIC Zona Arqueológica
  • Times: Invierno: Martes a viernes: De 10:00h – 19:00h - Sábados: De 10:00h – 20:30h - Domingos y Festivos: De 10:00h – 14:00h Verano: martes a sábado de 09:00 a 12:00 h y de 19:00 a 22:00 h. Domingos de 09:00 a 12:00 h.
  • Season: Siglo II a.C.

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