Erected after the Christian Reconquest it suffered various vicissitudes that gradually deteriorated it. All that remains of the old castle is the base of a tower and a few walls that have been reused in the shrine of Saint Peter. This shrine must originally have been a small castle chapel, which, having been restored and rebuilt on various occasions, is currently closed to the public given its state of conservation. From the Castle and the shrine one can make out the pretty view of the Valley of Alicante, which stretches out as far as the sea.
  • Features:
  • Type: BIC Monumento
  • Times: Indiferente
  • Season: Se edificó tras la Reconquista Cristiana. Las últimas referencias al mismo datan del siglo XVII.
  • Address:
  • C/ San Pedro, s/n. Agost 03698
  • Agost

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