El pla de la font

Situated on the northern side of Cocentaina, this pleasant spot is located next to a fountain, and an old washhouse and watering place.
  • Description:
    • Type: Parques y jardines
  • Address:
    • Pla de la Font s/n
    • Phone numbers:
      • 965590159
Cocentaina town


Cocentaina, capital of the Region of ELComptat is a town comprising 52 square kilometres, located near the Serra Mariola mountains Natural Park. Inhabited since the prehistoric era, it was not until Muslim times that it became an important administrative region. There are irrigated lands at the basin of the Serpis river, semi-arid crops, olive and almond trees mainly. The economy is driven by the textile industry and the service sectors. In the town, buildings such as the Palace, the castle or the old walls are maintained.

Cocentaina town

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