Next events in Xàbia/Jávea

  • In the middle of August, Xàbia celebrates one its most important festive acts, captivating public attention: the Representation of the Living Chess game, which was declared as of National Tourist Interest in the year 2002. It consists of a representation of a scenic character with a musical accompaniment in which a famous game is reproduced from the History of Chess on a great board in which the pieces are actors. In April, the Popular Crafts Fair, where craftsmen of different Autonomous Communities take part with animation, gastronomic trials, dances and traditional music. During June the International Festival takes place, with participants from 13 different countries. At the end of July is the “Musica a l 'Estiu Xàbia”, the international course of wood wind concerts. The International Xàbia Jazz Festival completes during August the cultural offer, with concerts, photographic exhibitions and jam sessions.

Programa de Eventos