• From the San Antonio cape to Granadella cove, Jávea is a perfect example of the varied coastline along the Costa Blanca. Sailing, diving or simply swimming can be unique experiences here. To the north, the coast offers the chance to delve into the depths of the San Antonio cape marine nature reserve. Boats are available for hire at the port, and the schools it houses provide sailing classes. In summer it's possible to sail a boat down the coast as far as Dénia. The rocky coast with crystal clear waters to the south of the port is perfect for diving whilst the long beach of fine sand further south is ideal for sunbathing and has summer facilities offering windsurfs or paddle boats for rent. The coast is even more beautiful and unspoilt between San Martín and La Nao capes and between the islands of Portichol and Descubridor where the seabed is ideal for diving. This coastline ends with the golden sands and clear waters of the attractive Granadella cove so popular amongst beach-goers. Two diving clubs, a golf course and plenty of accommodation, bars and restaurants and leisure activities all combine to enhance this highly appreciated tourist resort.



  • Img 1: Pope o Tangó
    These two small and quiet creeks with thick sand and boulders and crystal waters are located on the southern face of the Marine Reservation of Cabo de San Antonio. Diving and discovering their...
  • La Grava

    Located on the southern side of the port and delimited by a waterfront at a bustling urban beach with gravel offering clear waters.

  • Img 1: Muntanyar I
    Beach located in a semi-urban area delimited by a detached house front. Long and open, with boulders and rock and deep turquoise waters inviting to bathe. Along its almost one kilometre and a half,...
  • El Arenal Beach

    It is a wide and sheltered inlet with fine sand and not very deep waters, very suitable for children. Its waters are very clean. Beach adapted to people with reduced mobility.

  • Cala Blanca
    Also known as La Caleta, it is a quiet and isolated creek with gravel and boulders only accessible by foot and offering a beautiful sight of the white rockies in the area.
  • Img 1: Sardinera Cove
    Located on the northern side of Cabo de San Martín. It is a natural creek with boulders and crystal waters only accessible by foot along a path roaming through pinewoods. The effort deserves...
  • Img 1: La Barraca o Portitxol
    Isolated creek located at the inlet roaming from Punta Negra to Cabo Negro, area with spectacular rockies covered by Mediterranean vegetation. Creek with sand, shoulders and rocks, and very clean and...
  • Ambolo

    Tiny natural creek, with clear waters, located in the south of Cabo de la Nao and in front of which the...

  • La Granadella

    Beautiful creek with sand, boulders and rocks and of an almost wild exuberance only accessible along a road roaming by a deep Mediterranean pinewood. Its clean turquoise green waters make...