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Villena is an old city crowned by its most symbolic characteristic: an old castle of Arabic origin. At the foot of this fortress was the primitive urban nucleus and around it the town has grown up, surrounded by extensive agricultural fields. After the Reconquest its lords were the males of illustrious lineage, from the Manuel, Aragón and the Pacheco families; and for many years Villena was the capital of an extensive marquessate that had great influence on the national history.

This is a border city, portal between the luminous east and the austere plateau; and at the same time linguistic border for its Castilian condition in the line of the ancient Kingdom of Aragon. Geographically, Villena is situated in the North-west of the province of Alicante, occupying adjoining zone with the provinces of Valencia, Albacete (Autonomous Community of Castilla la Mancha) and the Region of Murcia. Head of the judicial area and of the administrative area of the Alto Vinalopó region, it has a population of 33,455 inhabitants. Villena is situated at an altitude of 504 metres above sea level and its municipal area covers an extension of 344.2 Km².

In the urban complex, the severe and graceful temples, the secular stones of the old castle, do not contradict the audacities of the modern architecture: progress gives a hand here and unites together with the ancient traditions.

  • Address:
  • Ayuntamiento de Villena
  • Plaza de Santiago, 1
  • 03400
  • Villena
  • Phone numbers:
    • +34 965 801 150
  • Area: El Alto Vinalopó/ L'Alt Vinalopó
  • Touristic area: Alicante Costa Blanca
  • Altitude: 505
  • How to get here:
  • Villena is considered to be the gateway to Alicante from Madrid. Also, the connection with Valencia is effected by taking the N-340 which connects up with the A-7, and then taking the A-31.

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