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    Orihuela's Year of Hernández 2010

    In 2010, Orihuela becomes the capital of poetry as it celebrates the centenary of its most illustrious resident: Miguel Hernández.

    Passion for the Poet describes a way of being, of feeling.  It is the town’s grateful memory of the Poet, a sociocultural phenomenon that has marked its identity forever.

    During the commemoration of its Year of Hernández, Orihuela will be filled with poetry everywhere you look. Places drenched in the essence of the Poet and which once inspired his first verses.

    Spaces filled with meaning that restore his most memorable experiences: his humble childhood, his first contact with literature, his uncertain future as a goatherd, his literary debates with Ramón Sijé, his meetings with his first love, and his subsequent arrest that led to his condemnation.

    In short, symbolic places that allow us to relive in first person the early years in the life of this poet tied to the town of Orihuela.

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