• Museo Arqueológico y de Historia de Elche

    The Lord's Fortress or Altamira Palace was part of the old wall of the city. It was also the residence for the lords of the city between the 15th and the 19th centuries. The Archaeological and His...

  • Museo de Pusol, Elche

    The museum was set up as just another activity within the programme provided by the unitarian school of the district of Puçol, thus beginning the task of salvaging farming objects, customs and way...

  • Museo Municipal de la Festa

    This museum tries to capture part of the "magic" created annually in the enactment of the Misteri d´Elx. So, in one room is a combination of the very scents,...

  • Parc Arqueològic i Museu de l'Alcúdia

    The place was inhabited from Neolithic times right up to the Visigoth era, a result of which is the extraordinariness of the variety and wealth of materials found, although its fame is due, above...

  • Museu d'Art Contemporani d'Elx
    This museum exhibits the works of painters and sculptors, Valencian and Catalan ones in particular, who mainly paint social realism or black period works, thus reflecting the modernity of the town....
  • Colección Museográfica Ferroviaria

    The first diesel JOP that circulated in Spain is the star attraction of this museum, which also exhibits a collection of mechanical signs with real pieces and other ob...

  • Museo Paleontológico de Elche

    Fossils and minerals make up this museums collection that possesses elements from the Archeozoical, passing through the primary, secondary and tertiary eras, with a de...

  • Baños Árabes en Elche

    In their three rooms, these baths, key element in the Muslim world, show, for example, a stone sauna or hot room, and how the hot air from an oven was circulating among pillars.

  • Visitors' Centre

    The Centro de Visitantes (Visitors Centre) is located in a unique building, in which visitors to Elx can see an audio-visual display about the city. Afterwards, attendees have the opportu...

  • Museo del Palmeral

    In this corner of Elx we can discover more about the essence and meaning of the palm tree plantation, its historic and cultural significance, the palm tree and its use...