• Img 1: Club Náutico Alicante Costa Blanca

    This sailing club is located in one of the quietest areas in the bay of Alacant, between the Sant Joan beach and the town centre, in a small dock that has a good range of harbour services for craf...

    Escuelas de vela
  • Img 1: Real Club de Regatas de Alicante - La Cantera
    Known as "La Cantera" or "El Tiro", the Real Club de Regatas de Alicante has its own officially approved Sailing School. Sheltered by El Cabo de las Huertas, its perfect lo...
    Clubes náuticos y puertos deportivos, Escuelas de vela
  • Img 1: Marina Deportiva de Alicante
    This marina is not simply just another port. Its installations have been converted into an entire complex offering leisure activities and recreational sailing. Its proximity to the town centre means...
    Clubes náuticos y puertos deportivos
  • Img 1: Real Club de Regatas de Alicante
    Its more than one hundred years of existence contrasts with its modern installations, which have been awarded with the first quality certificate given to a Yacht Club. Its strong competitive traditio...
    Clubes náuticos y puertos deportivos, Escuelas de vela, Piragüismo / remo / kayak
  • Img 1: Puerto Isla Nueva Tabarca
    Located not too many miles from the liveliest ports and marinas on the Costa Blanca, this small port on the Island of Tabarca offers all the attractions of a privileged enclave, on a small island tha...
  • Img 1: Arrendamientos Náuticos
    This company focuses mainly on hiring craft, both motorised yachts and sailing cruisers. The craft can be hired with or without skipper. The company also offers special services to sailing schools an...
  • Img 1: Cenáutica
    This company has a charter sailing division to organise long crossings and weekend or one-day trips. It also offers training and practical training to obtain qualifications.
    Charter náutico, Escuelas de vela
  • Img 1: Escuela Mediterránea de Vela
    To get started in the world of dinghy sailing, this school offers beginner and more advanced courses, in the port of Alacant. They also teach windsurfing and kitesurfing, and have the human, technica...
    Catamarán y vela ligera, Escuelas de vela
  • This centre offers small boats, jet skis, water skiing and kayaks, in addition to other leisure facilities. A scuba diving resort and a kayak resort complement the activities on offer.
    Buceo / Submarinismo, Charter náutico, Motos acuáticas, Piragüismo / remo / kayak
  • Img 1: La Reina Azul
    La Reina Azul is a company that provides nautical services, whose principal activity is a nautical charter service. The company philosophy is based on providing a direct and personalised service to c...
    Charter náutico