Next events in Vinaròs

  • Vinaròs enjoys events throughout the year such as :

    La Feria d'abril. (The April Fair)
    A recreation of the traditional April fair. It is held in the Paseo Marítimo (Promenade) at the end of the aforementioned month.

    "Moda al carrer". (Fashion on the Street)
    Held halfway through May, consisting in a fashion catwalk based on local shop trends, the purpose of this event is to promote the city shopping centre.

    Ciclo de Cortometrajes de Vinaròs Agustí Comes. (Agustí Comes Season of Shorts of Vinaròs)
    Held in the month of July, during which one can enjoy national short films. European Sand Sculptors Gathering.
    At the end of the month of July on the Fortí beach sculptors from all over Europe gather.

    Concesión de la Carta de Población a la villa de Vinaròs. (Granting of the City Charter to the Town of Vinaròs)
    Various different activities are carried out throughout the months of September and October.

    National Cooking Contest applied to the Vinaròs King Prawn.
    Held at the end of the month of September.

    "Mes de los arroces". (Month of Rice Dishes)
    Held throughout the month of November.

Programa de Eventos