• The Sierra de Irta nature reserve characterises the landscape of the northern coast which is also wild, rugged and solitary. Rural tracks lead down to the sea where immense rocky areas alternate with tiny inlets of transparent water: a paradise for diving enthusiasts and a sharp contrast with the busy, sandy beaches and their full facilities closest to the centre of Alcossebre (Les Fonts, Carregador and Romana). Moving southwards lie yet more peaceful coves as far as Capicorb point. Besides diving, sailing is possible here - one company at Les Fonts Marina specialises in sailing charters and another organises diving expeditions to Columbretes Islands.



  • Carregador Beach

    It is one of the widest sand beaches in the area. The yacht port is located on one of its extremes, and on the other, there are some enormous fine sand dunes with wide botanic...

  • Romana Beach

    Located between Punta del Carregador and...

  • Les Fonts

    It is a wide shell-shaped beach, closed on its southern extreme by a modern yacht port. Sweet water springs enter the sea crossing it, giving the beach a singular personality and beauty...

  • Moro Beach

    Besides being small, it is an excellent beach both because of the quality of its sand and because of its clean waters. Furthermore, the important colony of marine lily growing...

  • L'Estany / Manyetes

    Beach located in a transition area with a rocky zone to the north and a boulder beach to the south. At its dune area, great botanic diversity can be found. Physical and chemical tests on...

  • Tres Playas

    Group of three small creeks joined almost without possibility of continuation, well sheltered by rocky structures isolating them visually from its surroundings. Nudism can be practised at...

  • Serradal Beach

    Open and quiet beach of boulders at its peninsular side and of sand at its sea side. Adequate for bathing because of its fine sand, it presents a boulder surface for sunbathing.

  • 109360
    Beaches consisting of a group of creeks extending along three kilometres of virgin littoral with an environment marked by the natural spot of Sierra de Irta. It is located on one of the very scanty...