Molí de la Reixa

Img 1: Molí de la Reixa
The legal arrangements to declare this a Historic and Artistic Monument started on the 28th of August 1978, and it was declared to be of Local Interest on the 8th of October 1982. This is a separate building with three floors, located on the outskirts of the town. This watermill has original characteristics that are typical of the industrial buildings of the period, and the size and importance of this example makes it unique. It is trapezium-shaped, and one of its sides is supported in the irrigation stream. The building is made out of load-bearing masonry walls with perpendicular ashlar arches. It is worth mentioning that the irrigation stream that flows on the north side of the building provided the force necessary to move the millstones, and still has water today. This stream water then flowed into a pond, which was called Font de la Força. The stream water came from la Bassa de la Vila.
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