Ermita de Santa Bárbara

Img 1: Ermita de Santa Bárbara
This ancient hermitage is on a hill in the foothills of el Montí (a mountain which limits the town on the South).It is 326 m. high and dominates the view of la Plana to the sea. The building consists of a nave with four sections, a small bell tower on the right of the entrance and a series of lesser outbuildings at the back. A doorway showing the date of 1697 allows you access to the completely bare interior, where some of the pavement floor, the pilaster columns and some of the longitudinal cornice still remain. The wall foundations barely exist of the annexed buildings which must have been once the home of the hermit, with a vaulted cistern in the rear part of the temple. La Crónica de Viciana (1563) makes a reference to this temple, which means that the date of 1697 that is visible on the doorway must refer to its renovation or reconstruction. The hermitage was set on fire on 20th August in 1836 as it was suspected of being a Carlist hideout.
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