Serra Gelada Natural Park

Serra Gelada Natural Park

Serra Gelada Natural Park is 5,653,92 hectares, of which 4,908,95 are marine environment, and 744.97 are land consisting of the towns of Benidorm, l`Alfás del Pí and Altea. The Park protects the mountains and three emblematic islands: Illot de la Mitjana, the Illot de Benidorm and the Illots of Olla and la Galera.

The Serra Gelada in formed by a rugged area which on its coastal side abruptly rises more than 300 metres over Benidorm, L'Alfàs el Pì and Altea. It is called Sierra Helada because of its orientation, which creates a colder macroclimate, as well as from the optical effects of calcareous rock when moonlight reflects off it.

It also has vegetation of exceptional value. While Mediterranean forest grows on one side, on the side with the fabulous hanging fossil dune facing the sea, a hardy vegetation is found, capable of surviving in salty ground and abrasive winds Although large patches of Posidonia Oceanica sea plants grow and Vermetus mollusks thrive in this coastal environment, the wealth of its birdlife is particularly extraordinary. 

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