Conjunto escultórico de Carmen Fraile

Conjunto escultórico de Carmen Fraile en El Campello

Within the Central Park of El Campello, very close to the Fountain of the Centenary, you can find a sculpture set by Carmen Fraile.

'The Spinner, the Menaor and the Mena'

This group consists of two life-size sculptures and a high relief on a concrete wall that refer to the working phase of the hemp called "spinning", when the hemp is raked and becomes threads of one or more strands.

'The Spinner'

It is located on the perimeter of the Fountain of the Centenary. Both sculptures refer to ancient occupations of El Campello.

'Grandfather and girl'

These are the figures of an old man and a little girl that reflect the past and the future of the municipality.

  • Features:
  • Type: BIC Monumento
  • Address:
  • Dentro del parque municipal Parque Central.
  • El Campello

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