Conjunto artístico en las rotondas de la calle San Ramón

Conjunto Artístico en las Rotondas de la Calle San Ramón en El Campello


When accessing El Campello through the N-332 road from Alicante, you find the first roundabout with a big gush of water which rises over nine meters. The water column, which gives its name to the roundabout, is surrounded by a four meters dome with more drives. Here we see the corporate logo and the name of the municipality of El Campello.

'The rall fisherman'
It is located in San Ramon Street at the junction with Pius XII Street. Sculpture by José Manuel García Cerveró (Jere) representing one of the most traditional and ancient fishing systems from our coastline, called rall. In the early twentieth century, people who lacked the means and / or boat to go fishing earned a living by the beach riversides with the rall in their hands. Jere wanted to pay in this sculpture homage to the rall fishermen of El Campello.
'Free Swimmer'
It is located on the N-332, at the junction with the road to Aigües (CV-775). It is a work by Toni Marí Sart. According to the author, this sculpture aims to show the sense of unity between the people and the sea. The man is mixed with marine life, represented through a snapper, a frigate tuna and a dolphinfish, all three of them characteristic fish of this sea area. It is a metaphor of life, where the sun, the iron from the earth and the seabed join together to demonstrate their coexistence in harmony and tradition.
  • Features:
  • Type: BIC Monumento
  • Address:
  • Rotondas de la calle San Ramón.
  • El Campello

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