A lookout point over the Mediterranean, Cullera has beaches of fine sand with shallow waters and a few pretty cliffs which can be admired through the images of the webcam at Cullera. This picturesque port is found at the mouth of the River Júcar, flowing to the sea here after traversing the orange groves upriver.

The old town is centred at the folds of a mountain flanked by freshwater lakes and topped by a castle that commands a spectacular view of the coastline of Cullera in the province of Valencia. This quality seaside centre runs from the river port to the lighthouse on the cliff, offering outstanding tourist facilities.

The network of webcams of the Region of Valencia

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Cullera es tan hermoso,

Cullera es tan hermoso, soleado. Allí vive mi amigo, a quien amo. Yo vivo en el norte de Europa, cada mañana me ver la vista desde esa cámara, me veo en la bahía azul, tres palmeras en la playa, soñar e imaginar que podría vivir allí por el resto de mi vida

Clean the cam please

Clean the cam please

I am sad. I will not be

I am sad. I will not be coming in September 2013. Maybe I can come for my birthday in Feb 2014. I have to be here for major repairs to my home.

I will be coming to Cullera

I will be coming to Cullera Sept. 6 for a seven week stay. I will be very happy to return one last time. Helen and I are getting to old to travel well. See you soon.

I love Cullera and Playa San

I love Cullera and Playa San Antonio. I watch the web cam and I notice there has been less people than I have seen on my visits there. I asked about accomodations and found them to be much to costly considering that Spain is in need of an economical boost. Consider lowering the cost to come there and I am sure you will see the crowds return.