Xàtiva, the begining of our festival

Activities before Feria de Agosto

Festivity of Xativas' Patrons Saints, with concerts in charge of both musical assotiations and traditional dances in their honor.
  • Programa de fiestas
  • Dates:
    • Starts: 23/07/2017
    • Ends: 13/08/2017


From July 23th to 30th

20.00 h. XXXIX Edition of the International tennis tournament “Orysol”
Organised by Camp Club Bixquert
Cooperates: Consell Esportiu Municipal
Camp Club Bixquert

Monday,  July 31st

20:00h Official nomination  of  Laura Hernández Fernández as Queen of the fair 2017 and  of her  Court
Place: Casa de la cultura
Cooperates: Xàtiva Council -  Fair Department

22.00h  XLVII Band Music Festival
Participants: “Sdad. Musical La Primitiva Setabense” and “Sdad. Artistic Musical "La Nova"
Cooperates: Conselleria de Cultura i del Gran Teatre
Place: Gran Teatre de Xàtiva

Tuesday, August 1st

Sant Feliu festivity, Patron Saint of the city.

8.00h Mass in the chapel  of Saint Feliu and popular lunch in the surroundings.
Organised by Iglesia de Santa Maria, La Seu
Place: San Felix Chapel , Costa del Castell

Thursday, August 3rd

22:00h Concert group dolçainers “La Socarrà” de Xàtiva
With the participation of la “COLLA” from Ontinyent
Place:  La Seu Square (Plaza de la Seu)
Cooperates: Xàtiva Council -  Fair Department

Friday August 4th
22.30h  Music Concert dedicated to the  Virgin  of la Seu.
Organised by Sociedad Musical la Primitiva Setabense de Xàtiva. “ Música Vella”
Cooperates : Xàtiva Council -  Fair Department
Place : La Seu Square ( Plaza la Seu)

24.00h Round  to the Virgin of  la Seu
Dance School of Xativa and group “La Socarrà” and the participation of other groups.
Place : La Seu Square ( Plaza la Seu)
When the dance ends, albades singing night at la Seu.

Sunday,August 5th
Festivity of the Virgin of la Seu, Patron  Saint of the city.

8.00h  Mass  to the “ Virgin of  la Seu in the collegiate “Basílica la Seu”

20.00h  General procession of “Virgin of  la Seu” in the nearby streets.

Sunday 6th August

9:00h XI  Concentration of Motorcycles
Organised by Cultural Assosiation Falla Ferroviaria
Cooperates: Xàtiva Council -  Fair Department
Departure: Bus station

Monday 7th August

20.00h XXXII Open frontennis feria  de agosto 2017
From 7 to August 17 of 2017
14 and 15 th days Semi-finals
16 th day final consolation
17 th day final
Organised by Club San Patricio
Cooperates: Consell Esportiu Municipal
Place: Club San Patricio

Tuesday 8th August

Football trophy Xtàiva city
C.D Olímpico- Recambios Colòn
Organised: Club Deportivo Olímpic
Cooperates: Consell Esportiu Municipal
Place : Reial de la Fira

Sunday 13th August

9:30h to 17:00h XXXV .Olympic shooting contest “ Fira d’Agost 2017”
Organised by Club de Tiro Olímpico La Costera
Cooperates: Consell Esportiu Municipal
Place: Shooting Range La Costera (Alcúdia de Crespins)

9.00h to 22:00h Truck Championship
Place: Bus Station
Cooperates: Consell Esportiu Municipal

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