Program events. Fallas Xàtiva

Events Program. Fallas Xàtiva
Program events. Fallas Xàtiva
  • Programa de fiestas
  • Dates:
    • Starts: 15/03/2015
    • Ends: 27/03/2015



The fallas festivity burns away winter worries in a tribute to spring. As a pagan ritual originating in ancient Mediterranean cultures brought to Valencia in remote times, this artistic display  transforms the city during what is called “Fallas week”.

The huge works of art called fallas can be described as authentic monuments of papier-mâché and polyurethane, built over wooden structures and conceived to embody pithy, good-humored and sarcastic comments on daily life. Archiectur and engineering dedicated to creating art of an ephemeral nature- something that takes place nowhere else in the world.

The fallas Commission is made up of a group of neighbours responsible for producing the falla and arranging its individual festival programme so that eveyone can join in the fun. They hold meetings, pay dues, seek out financing for their budgets, and congregate at their headquarters, known as the casal .


The Commission hires an artist to make the falla according to a pre-established budget





24HRS Official starting of the Fallas. All monuments must be ready when the jury visits them at midnight.




14HRS. Firecrackers at the Jardí de la Pau.

19HRS. Fallas prizes giving ceremony. At the Town Hall.




14HRS. Firecrackers at the Jardí de la Pau.

17.30HRS. Official visiting of the Fallas. All the members of the Fallas visit all the monuments in procession with their  music bands




14HRS. Firecrackers at the Jardí de la Pau.

18HRS. Flowers offering to the Virgin of the Seu. All the members of the Fallas offer flowers to the Virgin on a colourful procession.




12HRS. Mass in honour of St Joseph, patron saint of the Fallas, at St Joseph church in the castle sidehill.

14.45HRS. Firecrackers at the Jardí de la Pau.

21HRS. Burning of the city children monument by the Children Honour Fallera

22HRS. Burning of the best children monument.

23.30HRS. Burning of the adults monuments.

02HRS. Burning of the best adults monument.



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