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  • Dates:
    • Starts: 04/05/2016
    • Ends: 31/05/2016

Cultural Events Program May 2016


Until May 7th.
Exhibitions of Antique Radios
Place: Casa de Cultura, Patio Cubierto
Rafael Perucho Pérez collection

Until May 7th.
Painting and Sculture Exhibition (Celia Vidal)
Place: Casa de Cultura, 1st floor

Until  May 14th
Art work: Past – Present - Future
Place: Casa de Cultura, Sala Columnas
Artist: José Samit

From May 4th  until 29th from 10.00h to 14.00h
“Deconstructing  Ab  Borjas”
(Contemporary Art about Borgia Family, popes from Xàtiva, with works of 17 diferents artists)
Place: Espacio Cultural Sant Domènec

From May 13th until 28th
The Passage Of Time: "Useless" Objects Falling Into Disuse
Place: Casa de Cultura.

From May 20th June 25th.
- Australian Photography Of Frontier.
Marroco’s Memories-
Place: Casa de Cultura
From the Valencia Ethnology Museum.

From May 24th until 29th from 10.00h. to 14.00h. and from 18.00h. to 20.00h.
Xàtiva Corpus Christi Exhibition.
Giants and big-heads (Gigantes y cabezudos), Custodia, posters, photography,…
Place:Espacio Cultural Sant Domènec

Exhibitions visits:
From monday to friday: from 8:00h to 15:00h and from 16:00h to 21:00h
Saturday: from 19:00h to 21:00h.  Bank holidays closed.


May 3th, at 19:30h
Young Pianists Concert
Place: Casa de Cultura, Salón de Actos
Fabiola Tomás García y Ramón Álvarez Lorca

May 14th, from 18:00h
“5th Encontre De Balls Al Carrer” (Dancing on the stret encounter)
by  Xàtiva‘s dancing school.
Place: Jardín de La Paz

May 21st, at 12:00h
“I Encontre De Grups De Xirimiters I Tabaleters
A La Ciudad De Xàtiva” (First Meeting of xirimiters and tabaleters of Xàtiva“
by Colla La Socarrà, from Xàtiva
Place: Plaza del Mercado

Mat 22nd at 18:30h
Ciclo De Conciertos Amadeus
Concierto  De  Piano (Amadeus Piano Concerts)
Place: San Pedro Church
By: Asociación Juventudes Musicales de La Costera

May 26th at 20.00h
-  Screening of Moma dancing in diferent Valencian towns
- Presentation of the poster of Corpus Christi
Place: Casa de Cultura, 1ª floor.
By Corpus Xàtiva‘s Association.

May 28th at 20.00h.
Place: Patio del Museo del Almudí
-  „Pregón Del Corpus“ 2016
-  „El Pregó I Convit Al Corpus 2016“
Place: Patio del Museo del Almudí
By Corpus Xàtiva‘s Association.

May 29th from 18.00h
Corpus Crhisti Procession
Gigantes, Cabezudos, Danzas, personajes bíblicos, Niños de comunión,
Custodia, Capítulo Eclesiástico, Corporación Municipal, Banda de Música,…
By Corpus Xàtiva‘s Association.
Place: “Carrers de Volta” de Xàtiva (old town streets)

From May 4th until 7th, from10:00h
 „I Congreso Xàtiva: Historia, Cultura E Identidad
Los Borgia En El Arte“ (I Convetion of history, culture and identity of Borgia Family in art)
Place: Espacio Cultural San Domènec
By “Concejalías de Cultura y Patrimonio y de Promoción Económica”
and cooperation of: Concejalías de Turismo, de Medio Ambiente

May 9th at 17:00h
Almudena Grandes Speaking
Organisation: Concejalías de Educación, Memoria y de la Mujer e Igualdad
Place: Casa de Cultura, Salón Actos

May 17th at 19:00h
Musical Talk:
Composers From The XX (I)
By Casimiro González
Organisation: Asociación Cos Natura
Place: Casa de Cultura


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