Xalónia 2013.

Xalónia 2013.
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  • Dates:
    • Starts: 04/05/2013
    • Ends: 05/05/2013

What's Xalónia?
Welcome everybody to Xalónia 2013. Xalónia are over 50 hours
of continuous programming, concerts, culture, business, sports,
children's activities, tasting and complete weekend for everyone.
Xalónia is: The Wine and Tapas Party, Xalónia Music Festival and
Fair of crafts and trade. In conclusion, a lot of activities aimed at
all those who love the traditional elements from Xaló and the
Valencian people.

Music festival with: ASPENCAT + ORXATA + BKS + DJ Carlos Puig.

The market of organic farming and traditional products.

The Wine is a essential element of  Xalo's History, as well as the
local gastronomy. The wineries, butchers, and other bars restaurants
are organizing the Second Wine and Tapas Exhibition of Xalo. Enjoy!

A complete tradicional business fair, including: artisans works,
children's games, cultural programme, sports activities, exhibitions,
expositions, book fair and the comedian XAVI CASTILLO!

Xalónia Festival 2013: Jalón/Xaló, Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 May.
Three modes of payment for sale:

- Payment for Saturday (concert): 5 € (8 € at the ticket office).
*Concert Performances: Aspencat (official presentation disc)
+ HORCHATA SOUND SYSTEM (disc presentation at the Marina Alta)
+ BKS + Session Remember and Drum & Bass.

- Payment for Sunday (performance of comedian Xavi
Castillo): 5 € (8 € at the ticket office).

- Payment of Saturday + Sunday: 8 € (16 € at the ticket office).

Online tickets: http://productesdelaterra.cat/entrades-espectacles

This office does not assume responsibility for sudden changes or variations of the events published on this site.

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