Mare de Déu Pobra en Xaló 2014

Mare de Déu Pobra en Xaló 2014
  • Programa de fiestas
  • Dates:
    • Starts: 17/10/2014
    • Ends: 21/10/2014



12.00. General ringing of the bells announcing the beginning of the fiestas.
20.00. "Cocada"in Pla de la Sèquia area, the small square and the street Alicante with wine and beer.
22.00. Night of Rock with the performance of groups: PAUALABAJOS, ATZEMBLA, ATUPA, TRAIN TO ROOTS, SANTGATXO. At the end DJs ESCALA I CORDA.


At dawn, "awakened" by the batucada bunpada music band and “mayorales”.
10.00 Race. First Day of Runner, organized by the Bernia  Athletics Club. The start of the race will be from the “Plaza Major”. At the end, the club invite  “picaeta” to all participants.
12.00. General ringing of the bells.
14.00. Giant Paella at Mayor square. Beer and wine will be served. Music for everybody during all the afternoon by a mobile disco.

23.00. Dance night by Vértigo music band.During the break the "correfocs" will be held.


At dawn, "awakened" by the “mayorales”.
From10.00until 14.00.PlaygroundatLepantostreet.
10.30Bikeday, organized byXaló’s cycling clubfrom Mayor square.

12.00.Feast ofMinerva. Solemn mass and eucharistic procession inside the temple.
16.30.Collection of “mayorales” by a traditional dance group.
17.30.Ascent Benibrahïm from the church where there will be the representation of the Virgin and “Tío Canet” accompanied by Xaló Festival Band, the dance group “La Murta” and “dulzaineros” Group.
Arriving at the church will proceed with the offering of flowers, then sing the joys of the Mare de Deu Pobra.

22.00.Dance night by “LA DAMA” music band. During the breakwill be offered chocolate and cakes (Coca maría cake) .


At dawn, "awakened" by the “mayorales”.

11.00.Parade with the “Mayorales”

12.00.Mass in honor to the Pobre Virgin sung by the Xaló’s choir.
After the Mass the bread blessed be distributed in the square. Afterwards firecrackers at the bassetes street (next door to the Oques square)  

18.00.It shall provide the Virgin to all children who attend the church.

19.00. Solemn procession of the Pobre Virgin, accompanied by the Music Association Band Festival Xaló and the “tambors music Band”. At the end, pray to the Virgin, recited by the girl Neus Bertomeu Mullor. Then, it will sing the joys. Thenfireworks by the chapel area.

22.00.Dance night by QUINTA NOTA music band.


At dawn, "awakened" by the “mayorales”.


12.00.Mass in honor of the Pobre Virgin, sung by the choir of Xaló.
When finished, firecrackets behind the church, then proceed to put the bouquet to the new “mayorales” .

17.00.Traditional dances in the main square.

20.00.Traditional "Botifarrà" in the main square with beer and wine entertained by  a music band.

From the  23th  to 31st  October at 19:00: Mass in honor of the Virgin.

The Festival Committee invites everyone to decorate their streets, and of course, to participate in all events.

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