Rosemary festivity in Xaló

Deeply rooted, reason to gather family and friends who visit this weekend to meet again in Xaló
Rosemary festivity in Xaló
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  • Dates:
    • Starts: 30/04/2016
    • Ends: 01/05/2016

Sunday rosemary branches are tied with ribbons and flowers. It is the day of religious celebration, changes the space of the mountain by the church and the streets of Xaló by which the saint is accompanied from the square to the chapel.

La Fiesta del Romero in Xaló is celebrated in honor of Sant Pere Martir. On Saturday the festival is in el Fondo, part of the Solana mountain, the people fill the streets of Xaló in pilgrimage to the mountain with baskets of palm, backpacks, bags to bring a snack, the "bollos" (dumplings peas) and fill it with sprigs of rosemary


During whole evening – Rosemary procession of St. “Pedro Mártir” to la Solana
23:00h – Musical Orchestra at the Xalo´s square



12:30h – Benediction of the rosemary at the Chruch. Mass

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