Patron Festivities Xaló 2019

Patron Festivities Xaló 2019
  • Programa de fiestas
  • Dates:
    • Starts: 18/10/2019
    • Ends: 22/10/2019

Xaló celebrates the Patonal Festivities in honor of the Poor Virgin with a program of events including Cocà Day, Rock Night, Paella Day, orchestras, parades, processions, mascletàs, traditional dances, the traditional butifarrá ...

Friday, October 18: Cocà Day and Rock Night.
Saturday, October 19: Paella Day and Quintas.
Sunday, October 20: Ascent to Benibrahïm.
Monday October 21: Poor Mother's Day of God.
Tuesday October 22: Bouquet and Botifarrà Day.

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