A voyage to the moon from Valencia

Publishing date 30/12/2013

The Circo Gran Fele circus troupe presents a new show for all audiences in the Principal in Valencia: Voyage to the Moon, a wonderful work inspired from the books of Jules Verne and Georges Méliès. If you love travelling and dreaming, come visit the Principal!al.
A voyage to the moon from Valencia

This show by Gran Circo Fele, which will run until January 5, is the perfect show to conjure up a grand circus spectacle in which acrobats, tightrope walkers, tumblers, puppets, clowns, musicians, automatons and dancers converge.

The magic and audio-visual projections are combined with other genres that are less known to the public, such as retro-futurism, surrealism and even scientific experiments. Furthermore, a Zen space and a baroque scene allow you to alternate between emotion and laughter, mystery and harmony.




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