Valencian Love on October 9th

Publishing date 6/10/2014

October 9th in the capital of Turia is the day that Valencians celebrate the local equivalent to Valentine´s Day, as well as the National Day of the Valencian Community. These two celebrations commemorate the arrival of Jaume I and the feast day of Sant Donís. Two fiestas rolled into one, one to celebrate peace and the other for love.
Valencian Love on October 9th

The first celebration is the commemoration of the arrival of Jaume I in the city in 1238, to liberate it from Muslim rule, and the second is the feast of Sant Donís, the patron saint of Valencian lovers, which is better known as the la mocadorà.

In the early days of October, the window displays of Valencian bakeries and cake shops are filled with marzipan fruits in vibrant colours of the Valencian orchards, and handkerchiefs or mocadors to commemorate the feast of Sant Donís, the Bishop of Atenas and patron saint of Valencian lovers. If you´re in love and you find yourself in Valencia, you now know to give your loved one some marzipan fruit and a mocador.

Featuring among the official celebrations for the National Day of the Valencia Region, is the lowering of the Senyera (the Valencian flag) from the balcony of the town hall, so it can be carried over to the Cathedral in a civic procession. After the Te Deum, the procession moves to the Parterre, where an offering of flowers is made before the statue of King James. The occasion is also marked by an international fireworks festival on the night of October 8th in the old riverbed of the Turia, between Puente de Aragón and Pasarela de la Exposición.

Fireworks, dancing, fruit and handkerchiefs… A Valencian fiesta of love and peace that really has it all.

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