Valencia works at a different speed

Publishing date 11/02/2016

Discover Valencia and find out more about its streets, gardens, monuments ―and the beach by the Mediterranean sea. Do all these things from a very different point of view at the speed of hyperlapse technology and go around the city of Valencia.
Valencia works at a different speed

Valencia is one of those few cities who are able to live in perfect harmony with the remains of its ancient predecessor. In the case of Valencia, the story of its legacy began in 138 BC and is now in touch with up-to-date technology and innovative, modernist buildings from this new millennium.


Valencia means trade and culture, cinema, theater, museums, music, business. It’s an international design center and an active meeting point for fairs and conferences. Due to its geographical location, Valencia has always been the entrance to Spain and it also has the special charm all coastal cities have. The presence of smooth sand and clean water, the never-ending sea and the coastal mountains offer an special attractive to the coast of Valencia.

Valencia combines the tradition of the old part of the city with the newest features in the modern complex of Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. These are two more reasons to spend a couple of days in town apart from having the chance of enjoying its tasty gastronomy, green areas, beaches, pedestrian streets…

The area surrounding the famous Lonja has been pedestrianized lately. With this, the streets around this monument, which has been given the status of World Heritage Site, have put cars and traffic aside and is now a wide pedestrian area where bars and cafes have completely changed the market square.

Make good use of these days and come to have a look on your foot or by bike and feel the new rhythm of the city. Walk through its streets and gardens, stop at some square or simply let time go by while having a snack.

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