Valencia, the paradise for running

Publishing date 29/12/2017

The old banks of the Turia river are one of the most spectacular urban parks, not only in the Region of Valencia, but in the whole of Spain.
Valencia, the paradise for running

A green space stretches 9 kilometers from the City of Arts and Sciences up to the Parque de Cabecera. It is a place that even before the creation of the Turia Gardens, it was already the preferred route of many runners in the city. However, from 2015, runners have at their disposal a new track that allows them to train more methodically. In this article we tell you everything you need to know about the Runner track of the Turia river.


The runner track of the Turia river, known as Circuit 5K Jardí del Turia, is a lane created specifically for those who want to practice running. Its creation is part of the project "Valencia Ciudad del Running" which aims to place Valencia on the world map of athletics with different events throughout the year. The length of the circuit is 5,731 meters and this track allows you to train both professionally or simply enjoy this sport as a hobby in a place designed professionally.



The pavement of the circuit 5K of the river Turia has been created with the intention of offering a more pleasant surface than concrete or other hard surfaces. The track has three layers that enable better tread of the corridor that results in less wear of the muscles and also reduces the possibility of injury. In addition, the pavement absorbs the water which prevents the formation of puddles in the days weather is not on our side.



In many points along the path you will find special marks as the one with two white runners on a blue background, which serves to indicate that this track is exclusively for runners and not for those who come by bike or want to practice other sports. There are also kilometric marks every 100 meters along the five kilometers of the track. The distances have been certified by the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation, and they are therefore also suitable for professional trainings. For those who still do not know the location of the different parts of the river, there are signs with the different monuments and other places that are close to that point of the track.


Areas of Training

Along the way you will be able to find additional areas that are used for carrying out another type of training before and after a run. You will find machines to perform muscular exercises, or simply to stretch. You can also find several water fountains well distributed throughout the path.


Illuminated Circuit

A true wonder of the Circuit 5K is that it is clearly signposted with lights. There are street-lamps of LED light each 12.5 meters along the whole track. These lights, along with the lighting in the garden of Turia, allow you to run in the circuit in perfect comfort during the hours before dawn and after sunset.


Among the purposes for 2018, running is a convenient option and at your fingertips in "Valencia Ciudad del Running".

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