Sneak into the Kitchen of Habitual by Ricard Camarena

Publishing date 4/12/2017

Since September 2015, a new and innovative gastronomic proposal open its doors to delight the Valencian public.
Sneak into the Kitchen of Habitual by Ricard Camarena

Located in the distinguished Mercado de Colón in Valencia, Habitual is one of the four gastronomic offers of the celebrated chef who boasts a Michelin Star and four Repsol Suns, Ricard Camarena. With his innovative cooking techniques, the chef always brings new reasons to become a regular at his restaurants.

Distinction and good taste

Ricard Camarena takes care of every detail in his new restaurant, which together with Canalla Bistró, Central Bar by Ricard Camarena and Ricard Camarena Restaurant, make up a series of restaurants that opt ​​for distinction and good taste from decoration and details up to the serving, which characterises the brand created around Camarena's name.

Camarena dismantled one of the spaces in the lower section of the Mercado de Colón in Valencia and asked Francesc Rifé, his favourite Interior Designer to decorate it as only he knows how to do it. In the space where Habitual is currently located, wood is the hero. The Interior Designer opted for the use of clean lines that bring a touch of sobriety and warmth to the place.

In Habitual, there is space for 110 guests where everyone, in the comfort of a place decorated with dedication, can taste the most delicious dishes that no other kitchen can produce.

Ricard Camarena bets on local produce

The hallmark of this great chef is to opt for products of great freshness and superior quality. He makes a selection of the freshest products directly from farm to table. Fresh vegetables, homemade cold meats, bakery and pasta inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine of the Greek Islands, Italian and Spanish coasts, and the French Provence, are part of the gastronomic proposal that brings Camarena to the most distinguished public, who visit his restaurants with the certainty of tasting dishes of unsurpassed quality and flavour.

The Valencian orchard is the primary source of Habitual, local produce which can be enjoyed with the tranquillity that in this wonderful restaurant every last detail is taken care of; so clients become part of the brand and thus, regular customers.

The Mediterranean on your table

Mediterranean flavours and smells are the order of the day in Habitual by Ricard Camarena, whose gastronomic proposal focuses on rescuing and highlighting the local products and flavours in which vegetables have a leading role.

A group of farmers of the Comunitat Valenciana make available the freshest products. These producers have been responsible for supplying the pantry of Valencians and of course Habitual, with fresh produce, harvested at the exact ripening point, providing unique flavours and textures.

In the menu, excellent dishes usually originated in kitchens blessed to have the Mediterranean waters on their coasts. Rustic porcelain dishes keep the traditions of the Mediterranean table intact, although each family keeps their recipes with zeal, in Habitual you will get distinctive Mediterranean flavours that will undoubtedly make you evoke dishes from mothers, aunts, and grandmothers that once were dedicated to preparing delicacies for the family.

Habitual gastronomic proposal

Terrines, fresh produce marinades, and homemade charcuterie are part of the characteristic flavours of Habitual. Canelones, caponata, and polenta for the sweet-toothed delving into the most delicious childhood memories. Vegetables, the main protagonists of the Habitual cuisine, are part of every dish in Chef Ricard Camarena's proposal, who is able to charm everyone with his culinary technique.

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