Russafa Escènica, the plastic arts festival transforms València

Publishing date 7/09/2018

If there is an event that transforms the city of València with its proposals and turns the city into a real performing stage, that is the Russafa Escènica festival. This year's edition will be held from September 20th to October 7th and noise will be its main star.
Russafa Escènica, the plastic arts festival transforms València

In April 2011, the first edition of Russafa Escènica took place and since then it has not stopped growing. It is an annual festival of scenic arts fused with plastic arts that takes place in the Valencian neighbourhood of Russafa. The streets turn into a living stage that hosts all kinds of activities: discussion tables, music, exhibitions, etcetera.

The festival will get such different scenarios as offices, shops, private homes or bookstores, which serve as a showcase for different shows that are part of the programme. Here, each type of event has its own name. We can find forests, which are proposals of about 60 minutes and which result in closed projects, or nurseries, which are short-lived and focused on researching for ideas as a seed project start.

There are also parks, scenic gardens or nurseries, each entering on a different scenic scope. The Russafa Escènica festival also comes with it a wide variety of parallel activities that include outdoor concerts, workshops, film projection and training courses. Check the entire programme on the website and do not hesitate to approach it.

Russafa has become one of the most fashionable districts in the city of València. At first, it was an independent municipality. After going through a period of neglect, today it is full with life and all kinds of restaurants. The Market of Russafa is one of the central points of the neighbourhood and that you cannot miss.

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