Parks for Adults and Children in València

Publishing date 18/06/2018

The city of València is also a great place for children since it has a wide variety of outdoor spaces where children can play and enjoy different activities.
Parks for Adults and Children in València

Also, most of these places are in a pleasant environment where the older ones can also have fun. In this post, you will find the most remarkable playgrounds in Valencia.

The Gulliver Park

In the Garden of the Turia River, also known as the lung of the city, is one of the best-known playgrounds in Valencia, the Gulliver Park, which is known just as Gulliver. The tale of the giant Gulliver, "Gulliver's Travels", served as an inspiration to design this park with slides of different levels that has brought joy to children for over two decades.

The Pirate Ship of Cabecera

The Cabecera Park, located at the western end of the Turia Garden, is one of the most popular parks in Valencia. This park, in addition to housing spaces with swings or a lake with swans where children often have a lot of fun, also has one of the funniest playgrounds in Valencia, the Pirate Ship of Cabecera. There, hundreds of children usually congregate to play pirates.

The playgrounds of the City of Arts and Sciences

In a modern space such as the City of Arts and Sciences (CAC), there is a playground where children can play while visiting different areas. From the CAC, the youngest children usually visit the fascinating Oceanogràfic, one of the best aquariums in the world. In the same place, children can find two playgrounds, the "Mediterranean" and the "Ocean" both with nautical decor.


Parque de Benicalap, a wonderful space for children and adults

One of the most outstanding green spaces in Valencia is the Benicalap Park, which has playgrounds, swimming pools and many other places where the whole family can have fun. It is a park with a very natural aspect with a lot of Mediterranean tree species, from cypresses or pines to olive trees. The park has playgrounds with swings and slides, but among children, the favourite activity is to enjoy the pool that is open during the summer season. This pool is a dream for boys and girls since it has water slides, waterfalls, and a whole children's water park.

Parque del Oeste

Another park that covers the needs of both adults and children is Parque del Oeste, with a central garden. The garden is a true paradise for children because it has playgrounds, skating areas or even minigolf. El Parque del Oeste also has a space to have fun in the summer with a couple of pools and a water park for children.

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