The IVAM, Three Decades Showing Art's Most Avant-Garde Face

Publishing date 7/01/2019

The Valencian Institute of Modern Art, better known by its acronym IVAM, is an institution created by the Generalitat Valenciana at the end of 1986, whose primary purpose is to disseminate and promote modern art in the city of Valéncia.
The IVAM, Three Decades Showing Art's Most Avant-Garde Face

The building where the IVAM is located, known as Centro Julio González, was inaugurated in 1989 — found on Guillem de Castro Street, next to the old Turia river bed.


Modern art at the IVAM, exhibitions and more

Its interior houses the museum's artworks and permanent exhibitions, as well as spaces for temporary exhibitions and other uses.


In the museum, various seminars, musical performances, lectures, conferences and workshops are held, almost always related to scheduled exhibitions or other modern art fields. Also, other parallel activities are organised outside the museum, as well as specific interventions in the city.


Another function of the IVAM is the creation and edition of catalogues and publications related to the topics covered in the different exhibitions and shows.


In the building basement, we find the Hall of the Wall, where temporary exhibitions are also held and where we can still see the remains of the old medieval fortification that surrounded the city.


The IVAM collection currently has more than 11,000 works of modern art by various artists, and disciplines as varied as painting, sculpture, drawing, photography and video, or installations.


Almost 400 works of the artist Julio González stand out, known as the "Master of Iron". Also more than 100 paintings and 600 drawings by the Valéncian impressionist painter Ignacio Pinazo.


On the other hand, we find one of the richest collections of Spanish modern art, with thousands of pieces by contemporary first-level artists.


It also has an impressive library, specialised in modern art, with more than 50,000 documents.

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