Water Sport Activities 2013. Teulada-Moraira

cn morairaActivities Organized by: Moraira Yacht Club (C.N. Moraira)
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Water Sport Activities 2013. Teulada-Moraira
  • Actividades de ocio
  • Type: Náutica
  • Dates:
    • Starts: 23/01/2013
    • Ends: 20/10/2013

From 23rd to 26th January:
Regatta "300 Moraira's Miles " Trophy GREFUSA " 12th Edition

2nd February :
Regatta 5 Clubs, 1st competition - Annual Race.
10th, 17th & 24th February : 23rd Fishing Contest modality "Chambel"

25th and 26th May
: 5th Day of Atlantic Blue- fin Tuna tagging ( date no confirmed)

From 13th to 16th June:
15th Championship of Spain Regularity (Motorboats).
30th June: 15th Deep-sea fishing competition of C.N. Moraira.

4th August:
17th Swimming Competition of Moraira's Port.
18th August: 23rd Children Drawing Contest of C.N.Moraira.
24th August: 17th Treasure searching Contest (Scuba diving).

From 13th to 15th September
: 18th Reggata "De la Amistad" Moraira - Santa Eulalia
15th September: Regatta "5 Clubs", 5th competition - Annual Race.

6th October: 31st
"Currican" Fishing Trophy (Date no confirmed)
12th October: "Gourmet Race" Teulada-Moraira, II Edition (Date no confirmed)

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