Festivities of "Sant Antoni" 2014. Teulada-Moraira

January 17th, 18th and 19th 2014

Festivities of "Sant Antoni" 2014. Teulada-Moraira
  • Programa de fiestas
  • Dates:
    • Starts: 15/01/2014
    • Ends: 19/01/2014

JANUARY 17th, 18th & 19th  2014

Friday 17th January:
At 07:30pm.- Presentation of the latest research of Manel Arcos " “El robatori de Benimassot”.

Place: Centre Ecomuseogràfic , av. Santa . Catalina,30.

Saturday 18th  January:
At 01:00p.m.- Turn of Bells.
At 04:30pm.- Match of “Pelota Valenciana” organized by the Club “Club de Pelota” of Teulada, in the old street called “Muret” .
At 05:00pm.- Bonfire of San Antonio in the square “Plaça dels Porxes”.
At 07:45p.m.- Parade of the demons of “San Antonio” through the streets of the Old town, in collaboration with the students of the Theatre School of Teulada and anybody who want to take part. After the parade (around 20:30 to 21:00 ) we will burn the Bonfire. Popular Dinner and Music. Service of bar with the collaboration of the festivities Committee “Font Santa”( popular prices ). Tables and chairs will be available in this place, for the street dinner in a party atmosphere.
At 10:30pm.- Concert with the performance of the group “Arrop i Talladetes” .

Sunday 19th January:
A 12:00pm.- Concentration of carriages and horses near the hermitage of “San Vicente”.
A 12:15pm.- Parade of the image of “Sant Antoni”, with the participation of the association “Alejandro Morell”  and the “Collael Falço”, from the chapel of San Vicente to the church of Santa Catalina.
At 12:30pm.- Blessing of the animals and distribution of the “rotllos” at the church square.


JANUARY 17th, 18th & 19th  2014

Friday 17th
04:00pm. Decoration of the Church Square and fire cracker to announce the beginning of the fiesta of “Sant Antoni”.
08:00pm. Conference and debate on " El Mediterráneo, los recursos pesqueros, importancia ambiental y sociocultural. Evolución histórica e impacto de la pesca en Moraira y en la Marina Alta " ( The Mediterranean,its fishing resources and its importante for the Environmen, Culture and Social aspects. The historical development and the impacto f fishing in Moraira and “La Marina”) by José Luis Sánchez Lizaso , José Chiarri and Concepción Bru Ronda.
Place: Building “Espai la Senieta”.

Saturday 18th
11:00am. Preparation of the Bonfire.
06:30pm. Storyteller.
08:30pm. Blessing and burning of the bonfire.

Sunday 19th
09:00am. Bell ringing and Parade with the Drums Band “La Mediterrania de Moraira” through the streets.
10:30am. Parade of the children of catechesis with traditional breads and biscuits accompanied by the musical group " Clau de Mar" .
11:00am. Mass in honor of San Antonio and blessing of breads and traditional biscuits.
11:30am. Meeting of animals and carriages on the esplanade of the Castle followed by the blessing of the animals and parade.
12:30pm. Folk Dances Workshop in Doctor Calatayud street,  by Pep Cortés Segui and preparation of the “Dansà de la Mare de Déu 2014”.
Then, presentation of the Musical Group "Clau de Mar”.
13:30pm. Popular Lunch in the street “Mar” with Musical performance.
16:00pm. Hot chocolate. Speeches and End of the Fiesta.

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