Festivals in San Miguel de Salinas 2014

Festivals in San Miguel de Salinas 2014
  • Programa de fiestas
  • Dates:
    • Starts: 18/09/2014
    • Ends: 07/10/2014

Thursday 18th September
17.30 Chess tournament at the Juvenile Information centre (Centro de información juvenil)
21.00 4th Street decoration competition - all participating streets to be judged and the winners will receive their prize.

Friday 19th September
18.00Simulation of Civil Protection Emergencies (First aid) and Red Cross, in the Plaza de la Libertad (in front of the church), simulating intervention in emergencies (being alert, protecting and helping), extraction of trapped victims, first aid and evacuation. Organised by the Civil Protection and Council of Citizen Security of Los Montesinos and the Town Hall  Police of San Miguel de Salinas in collaboration with the Red Cross, Almoradí, the Local Police of San Miguel de Salinas and the company of Manolo Ruiz and sons.
Street partiesand then the opening of theBarraca Popular in the PL. Jaime 1 - (El Tornavoz)(next to the Casa de Cultura), in concert the first finalist of La Voz ("The Voice"): Rafa Blas from 23.30. Come with us and start the party nights!

Saturday 20th September
11.30 Start of the Cycle race, organised by the Asociación Encuentro y Vida, starting at the town hall and finishing at the Pl. Jaime 1 (Tornavoz).
21.00 Proclamation of the Festival and Coronation Gala for the infant and junior Festival Queens 2014. with sashes for the Maids of Honour, in the Paseo (Pl. de la Libertad). At the end of the gala, the Orquesta VINILO, sponsored by the council of Alicante, will play for you.
Next we continue the fiestas with the Barraca Popular, enjoy the night with us!!

Sunday 21st September
10.00  4th 10km race and 1st 5Km race, also infant races for the smallest runners. Organised by Sporting club Correbike in conjunction with the Sport´s council.
12.00 Start of the fifth tapas route with bands playing music through the streets, sponsored by the council of Alicante. A tourist train will tour the town, sponsored by Residuos Sólidos Álvarez and fill the streets of our town with happiness and fun and laughter!!!

Monday 22nd September
19.00 Exhibition of Taekwondo in the Tornavoz de la Pl. Jaime 1. Organised by AMPA del CEIP Gloria Fuertes.
20.00 Theatre workshop representation by the AMPA del CEIP Gloria Fuertes, interpreting the work "Farsonerias" in the Casa de Cultura.

Tuesday 23rd September
18.00 1st day of the 2nd Videoconsole Conference, in the Casa de Cultura, until 24.00. Organised by the Sport´s Council.

Wednesday 24th September
18.00 2nd day of the second Videoconsole Conference, in the Casa de Cultura, until 24.00. Organised by the Sport´s Council.

Thursday 25th September
17.30 "Mini-Encierro of San Miguel" for the young children, from the town hall to la Plaza de Jaime 1 (next to the Tornavoz) where children´s games will be held, with various activities, including a host of sweets and toys. Registration at the town hall (Rocío) up to the 24th of September. Organised by Comparsa "La Alegría" in collaboration with the town hall.
20.30 In the Casa de Cultura, 4 musical comedy shows for adults Regomello  "!JO MAMA!".  This show is composed of songs and texts full of humour about small, mischievous children. A rock group experience where the children dance and sing  good music. We speak about parents, football, school, we laugh with Aunty María Luisa. Organised by the Council of Culture, sponsored by the council of Alicante.

Friday 26th September
19.30Tribute to our older people in the Paseo (Pl. de la Libertad). In which we will enjoy a performance by the Coral Alcores choir, the José Hódar choir and the Unión Musical of San Miguel de Salinas . Refreshments for the older people will be provided courtesy of Francisco Gracia (Paco de la barraca). The sound for the event will be courtesy of the council of Alicante.
Then enjoy the start of the weekend with our Barraca Popular!!

Saturday 27th September
19.00 Our traditional parade of floats and fancy dress after which you can enjoy the second night of music with the Barraca Popular!!

Sunday 28th September
20.00 Starting from the headquarters of the Centuria Romana, the floral tribute in honour of our patron saint, San Miguel.
Then, we can enjoy out Barraca Popular, and afterwards, at about 4am, as is customary, we will eat the traditional Tortas (cakes).

Monday 29th September
In the morning fireworks to announce our big day.
12.00 Solemn mass in honour of San Miguel with a performance by the Coral Alcores choir and the choir of the school of "La Purísima" of Torrevieja.
14.00Mascletá in the Paseo (Pl. de la Libertad) feel the live atmosphere!!!
20.00 The procession in honour of our patron will begin, after which the firework display will be held from el Castillo.


Friday 3rd of October
21.00Festival of humour, in the Pl. de la libertad (Paseo) with Marco Antonio of "Alicante comedy club" and Tony Rodriguez of "Paramount Comedy" organised by the Council of Culture.

Saturday 4th October
Equestrian day in the fair ground on the Campoamar Road near el castillo. Organised by the Agrupación Amigos del caballo.
11.30 Parade of carts and horses through the streets of the town.
12.00 Equestrian games.
18.00 Giant paella next to the Sports and Municipal Cultural centre on the urbanization Blue Lagoon, with live music.
21.00 2nd part of the Festival of Humour in the Pl de la Libertad (Paseo) with Marco Antonio of "Alicante comedy club" and Tony Rodriguez of "Paramount Comedy" organised by the Council of Culture.

Sunday 5th of October
Day of the Giant Paella
in the Pl. Jaime 1,(Tornavoz)with live music, and as is our tradition ¡¡¡Everybody is invited!!!

Tuesday 7th October
"Festival of our Lady of the Rosary" (Patron saint of our town).

18.30 Rosary.





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