Casa Montaña, the victory of tradition

  • Vista general
    In the Xef Pirata, Guillermo Ancina cooks with pleasure, prepares plates and creates his original proposals with a rebel soul thanks to his inherent avant-gardism. His dishes are able to delight the...
  • El comedor
    Maria de Luna Restaurant, which seats 70 people and opened in 2012, is a part of the Martin el Humano Hotel, a former hospital which has been exquisitely restored and transformed, thanks to the...
  • Salón del Restarante Casa Montaña en Valencia
    Casa Montaña was founded in 1836 as a grocery to provide oil, wine, Selters water and consumables to the fishermen and sailors. In the 40s, the business was transferred to a Frenchman. The new owner...

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