A wine-producing region with roots deep in history. The La Vila quarter, shown in the webcam, image, declared a Spanish Heritage site, has an especially old flavour with its stately homes, splendid Gothic facades and bodegas. In Requena, wine is culture. Under its streets, many old houses have caves, some open to visitors, which have been put to a number of historical uses, though mostly for storing the wine of each years harvest. This wine-producing tradition is complemented by an extraordinary inland cuisine boasting locally produced sausages, as well as stews and other recipes that help combat the dry climate of these lands. Network of webcams of the Region of Valencia Senderismo blog

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tan dificil es recolocarla

tan dificil es recolocarla insitu como estaba antes y no teber en medio ese poste.

It's a pity but we continue

It's a pity but we continue more than a year with this "fantastic" view of the plaza in Requena and the administrators do not know or do not want.