Routes of Cinema movies in Peñíscola

Publishing date 24/10/2017

Peñíscola is known as one of the most beautiful villages in Spain and that is the reason why walking by its streets is like wandering in a big and lovely stage. You will not be surprised if during your visit, you recall legendary films or modern, fashionable series… Which ones?
Routes of Cinema movies in Peñíscola

In this article, we will take you in a route of cinema movies in Peñíscola and you will discover the best film locations where films were actually filmed.



We begin in style; if you are, as we are, real fan of Jon Nieve and all the intrigues happening daily in the Seven Realms… Peñíscola is going to be your small paradise. In the series, it represents none other than Mereen, a slavish city which will soon stop being it ;-)

Some of the locations you cannot miss are: the Park of Artillery, the Rampa of Felipe II, the Square of Santa María, the Portal Fosc or the Walk of Round.


THE CID (1961)

An epic film explaining the heroic deeds of the legendary Rodrigo Díaz of Vivar. They are many corners of Peñíscola which were part of “The Cid”, although the Beach North has a special place: it is here where the final battle was filmed, when The Cid conquers Valencia (Peñíscola).



We are in the middle of the Cold War, when Professor Hamilton decides to leave aside his past of studies and scientific and nuclear investigations to change of airs. Where does he move to? To Calabuch (Peñíscola), a little village bathed by the Mediterranean Sea where people live calm and relaxed. Soon, he discovers that the festivities of the village will need his help. We can read no more… Beach South, the Port, the Museum of the Sea, the Lighthouse and, of course, the Square of Arms, are the places that will ring a bell if you have already seen the film.



A genius chef, a disastrous chiringuito, laughs and some adventures, these are the ingredients in “El Chiringuito de Pepe”, a funny series you can have great moments with. But, if you want to take a photo in the famous chiringuito, we have bad news: it was only a set! But that do not fell blue, you can always enjoy the waves of the Mediterranean under the attentive watch of the Castle of the Pope Moon or stroll along the others locations of the series (Beach South, Museum of the Sea, Square Santa María, Rampa of Felipe II, Park of the Artillery or Square of Arms).

And you must not forget you to take a beer and some snacks in any other chiringuito, of course!

That was the route by the locations of our series and favourite films in Peñíscola, but you must know that the cinematographic tradition in the city goes further. Do you need some examples? Here they filmed also Paris-Timbuktu, Life is wonderful, Tramontana, Fin, Blink, The Ship, The Ministry of Time…

And one never knows, perhaps in your visit Peñíscola you can finish acting as extra in some setting!

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