Pirates, corsairs and hikers invade Peñíscola

Publishing date 6/03/2014

The castle of Peñíscola, its beautiful coastline, the walls, Pope Luna (Benedict XIII)… come and discover the history and characters of a place through which pirates and templars left their mark, and which was the silent witness of quarrels and rivalries between popes on March 15.
Pirates, corsairs and hikers invade Peñíscola

Who was Pope Luna? Who were the Berber Pirates? How was life in the castle? You will find the answers to all of these questions in a route called Peñíscola y la Costa de los Berberiscos (Peñiscola and the Barbary Coast), held on March 15 at the Caixa Castellón Foundation.

Peñíscola sits atop a spectacular rocky peninsula on the southernmost flanks of the Sierra de Irta. There, you can find endless tales of Phoenician navigators, Romans and Arabs… but its period of splendour began in the 14th century, during the so-called Western Schism, when the famous Pope Luna created his see in the city and transformed the famous castle into a papal palace and library.

Throughout this trip, you will visit the templar fortress and discover the legendary life of the Aragonese pope, as well as the Sea Museum and the spectacular walls that surround the town.

A walk along the coast will also allow you to admire the coves and relief of the Sierra de Irta, as well as the famous 16th century watchtowers that acted as beacons to warn about the presence of Berber pirates on the coast.

If you like history and nature, there is no reason to miss this trip as the route is easy to follow. It is suited for ages 9 and up and is led by a professional tour guide.


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