Discover the tradition behind the Peñíscola festival

Publishing date 16/09/2013

This September, we suggest you visit Peñíscola. Discover a historic town standing at the crossroads of civilisations and with an impenetrable fortress. Retrace the footsteps of Pope Luna as you explore the endless options available for enjoying leisure, sunshine, culture and entertainment. Plus, Peñíscola is holding its annual festival all this week, so make the most of the last few days of summer to see the town’s most traditional side!

Discover the tradition behind the Peñíscola festival

Peñíscola, in the north of Castellón, preserves many traces of its distant past. This small walled headland juts out into the sea with its most famous monument, Pope Luna's castle, towering over the town's narrow whitewashed streets. The long, sandy beach of Playa Norte lies beneath the headland, washed by the calm Mediterranean Sea.

The festivities in honour of "La Virgen de Ermitana", patron saint of Peñíscola, will be running through until next Sunday. A series of mass events are held during these few days of fervour and devotion, including spectacular firework displays, traditional dancing, the "solta" - in which cows charge through the streets, plus the colourful Moors and Christians parades. Have fun in this fantastic destination and immerse yourself in tradition at the festival!

Peñíscola's annual festival also coincides with the season of Classical Music Concerts being held this week in different settings around the town, including the Salón Gótico in the castle, the church of Santa María and the Conference Centre.

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