Best Winter Beaches in Peñíscola

Publishing date 30/11/2017

We have already told you that Peñíscola is a cinema city. Literally! Here, many famous movies and series have been filmed. Does Game of Thrones ring any bells? But not only cinema lives one of the most beautiful cities of the Comunitat Valenciana: its beaches are equally famous. Do you want to know which are the best winter beaches in Peñíscola? You are in the right place. Below we will tell you about our favourites.
Best Winter Beaches in Peñíscola

Playa del Norte

Playa del Norte is close to the old town of Peñíscola and is, without a doubt, one of the most famous postcards of the city. The reason is none other than the imposing figure of the Castillo del Papa Luna, which stands at one end.

It covers an area of about 5 kilometres, so it is easy to find a place to spend the day. However, if you plan to visit in August, an early rise would not hurt! Playa del Norte is not only an impressive beauty, but it also has quality services and a lively promenade. The perfect place to enjoy the last rays of light.

Playa del Sur

Playa del Sur, although it is smaller than the previous one, is exciting for its beautiful views of both the Castle and the fishing port. Its atmosphere, quiet but fun, will hook you.

Playa de Irta

This beach, about 11 kilometres from Peñíscola, is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Castellón coastline. Unlike the previous ones, Playa de Irta is not excessively large, so if you come in summer, it is ideal to arrive early in the morning to get a place in its golden sand. There are no beach bars nor restaurants, something that makes it charming, so we recommend you get there well organised. A picnic with some sandwiches and drinks will help you enjoy a great day at the beach.

Cala l'Aljub

This small cove is south of Peñíscola, in Sierra de Irta Natural Park. It is mainly formed by rocks, although there is also a ​​sandy area from where it is easier to enter the sea. The Badum cliff is nearby, crowned by its imposing watchtower, which gives an epic touch to the place. It is a tranquil and perfect cove for those who want to find a spot away from the hustle and bustle.

Playa Basseta

If you are looking for a naturist area, Playa Basseta is a nudist beach about 12 km south of Peñíscola, also in Sierra de Irta Natural Park. Its greatest attraction is the environment, located away from urban centres, where you can enjoy nature at your fingertips. The beach is made of pebbles and small white stones, but do not let this scare you: its waters are transparent, and there is easy access to the sea.

Playa del Pebret and Playa del Russo

In Playa del Pebret you can find one of the few dunes in Castellón's coastline. A walk on a wooden walkway that runs parallel to the beach will allow you to enjoy privileged views and charming surroundings. Also do not miss the chance to find two exciting plants: the sea lily and the sea spurge. Nearby there is another beach, Playa del Russo, widen with a magnificent panoramic view, especially at sunset.

Playa de las Viudas

We return to Peñíscola to a semi-urban beach: Playa de las Viudas, right next to Playa del Sur. It has basic services and an excellent point in favour: it is probably the quietest beach in Peñíscola, so if you are looking for a relaxing day without leaving the city, this is your place.

Cala del Moro

One of our favourites; its beauty is undeniable. Clear waters, easy access and from the distance you can perfectly see the historic centre of Peñíscola.

What is your favourite beach in Peñíscola? Leave us a comment if you know other places not to miss in the area.

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