Patron Saint festivities on Pego

To honour Ecce-Homo

Patron Saint festivities on Pego
  • Programa de fiestas
  • Dates:
    • Starts: 20/06/2015
    • Ends: 01/07/2015

Saturday, June 20th


At midnight Presentation, which will be awarded the first prize in the XXVI Poster Contest 2015 & VI Children Poster Contest.

00:30 am Orchestra until dawn. Location: “La Trilladora” – c/ Benitubes


From Friday June 26th to Sunday June 28th

All day long. Tir i arrossegament: this is a typical local competition which consists in overloading a mule. The mule which is able to carry the more weight wins. Location: Camino de Sant Antoni


Friday, June 26th

11 am SPORTS: II BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP 3x3. Location: Passeig Cervantes

9 pm 24 hours RUNNING on the athletics track of Pujol (Organized by Dorsal 19)

11:30 pm ROCK CONCERT (ARRAP, ZOO, SMOKING SOULS, CATARRES). Location: “La Trilladora” – C/ Benitubes.


Saturday, June 27th

From 10 am to 2 pm Special edition of “Mercat de la Terra” with painting competition for children of Pego. Location: Passeig Cervantes.

At midday Summer Paella Contest (organized by “filà” ARRAPADES). Location: Passeig Reina Sofia

1 pm “BIRRATLÓN” Contest (run mixed with beer) organized by Bar El Moss Pego.Location: Passeig Cervantes

8 pm Concert “Agrupación Musical de Pego”. Location: Passeig Cervantes

10:30 pm Concert Pego’s Choir. Location: Church of the Assumption

11:30 pm Traditional Musical Evening by Miquel Gil and Tres Cants. Location: Passeig Cervantes.

At midnight “Discomóvil” Quintos with DJs. Location: “La Trilladora”


Sunday, June 28th


8:30 am "Despertà" around town.

11 am Mass at the Church of the Assumption.

When finished, MOTORCADE. Itinerary: Passeig de Michel, Dénia, Fontilles Avenue, Sant Rafael, Sant Carles, Sant Marc, Sant Joan, Pere Sala, Passeig Cervantes, Pla de la Font, Sant Agusti and Llavador.

10:30 pm VARIETIES SHOW. Location: Polideportivo Municipal Cervantes


Monday, June 29th

From 11 am to 2 pm FIRST DAY OF CHILDREN. Children's activities, with monitors and ambient music. Location: Passeig Cervantes

12 pm Mass in the Church of the Assumption in honor of San Joaquin, patron saint of the CEAM (home for the elderly)

6 pm "ASTRONAUTES LLUNÀTICS" (street theater that engages the public to participate). Location: Around Passeig Cervantes.

7:30 pm Children Musical: "MUNDOLANDIA". Location: Polideportivo Cervantes

8:30 pm MUSIC: Band of Bugles and Drums Brotherhood of the Holy Ecce-Homo. Location: Plaza del Ecce Homo

10:30 pm MUSICAL "FEELING". Location: Polideportivo Municipal Cervantes


Tuesday, June 30th

From 9 am to 1 pm EXHIBITION: HOLY IMAGE ECCE-HOMO. Location: Chapel of Ecce Homo

From 11 am to 2 pm SECOND DAY OF CHILDREN. Activities for children, with children's water park, monitors and ambient music. Location: Passeig Cervantes

5 pm SPORTS: Pilota Valenciana. Location: Calle Santa Teresa

7:30 pm Solemn Vespers in the Chapel of Ecce Homo. When finished, PROCESSIONAL TRANSFER. Itinerary: Ecce Homo, Capità Cendra, Sant Jaume, Sant Agusti, Plaça Mayorazgo Cendra, Town Hall Square and Parish, where the hymn to the Holy Ecce Homo will be sung.

8 pm CONCERT of “La Clandestina”. Location: Sant Josep Hermitage

00:30 am VERBENA (orchestra Montecarlo). Bar at popular prices. Location: Pla de la Font


Wednesday, July 1st


8 am Bells ringing.

11:30 am Solemn Eucharist

1 pm "Mascletà" in the Town-Hall square.

7 pm Repartiment de la Murta(murta is a plant that will be spread all over the itinerary to follow the marching in honour of Ecce-Homo).

Itinerary: Church, Town Hall Square, Mayorazgo Cendra, Ramon y Cajal, Camilo Perez, Mar, Jaume I, Major, Town Hall Square, Ecce-Homo, Chapel.

9 pm SOLEMN PROCESSION. Itinerary: Town-Hall square, Mayorazgo Cendra, Ramon y Cajal, Camilo Pérez, Jaume I, Major, Town Hall Square, Ecce-Homo, Chapel.

00:30 am Fireworks display on the promenade out of the Cemetery.

Organized by: Concejalía de Fiestas del Ayuntamiento de Pego

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