Moors and Christians Ontinyent 2016

Fiestas of National Tourist Interest

Fiestas in honour of Santísimo Cristo de la Agonía (Patron Saint)
Moors and Christians Ontinyent 2016
  • Programa de fiestas
  • Dates:
    • Starts: 30/07/2016
    • Ends: 11/09/2016


18:30 Parade along carrer Major and Fiestas Proclamation at plaça Major.

20:00 Festivity poster presentation at plaça Major.

00:00 Proclamation parades from carrer de l’Alcalde Paco Montés, Dos de Maig, Glorieta dels Moros i Cristians, to plaça de la Concepció.


12:00 Presentation of the promotional video and the Moors and Christians guide at Centre Cultural Caixa Ontinyent.



22:30 Ball dels Llauradors, through plaça de Baix, plaça de Sant Roc, plaça Major and placeta de Latonda.

22:30 Sona la Dipu concert: Izal + semifinalist groups at the local stadium El Clariano.



10:00 Esmorzar de la Llàgrima, at Societat de Festers.

23:00 Presentación de Cargos de 2016 (introduction of the representatives) and Pregón de Fiestas (Festivity Announcement) at Plaça Major.


10:00 XVII Ancient cars Rally exhibition organized by Motor Classic Ontinyent at plaça de la Concepció. Start line at 11:30 h and visit to Bodega Ontinium.

23:00 XXXIII Children competition of Cabos de Escuadra Infantiles. In this act, each child represents his/her comparsa.


20:30 Guided visit to the bell tower at la Vila.

22:15 X Meruts Festival at the local stadium El Clariano. Concerts:Auxili, Smoking Souls, Sva-ters, Funkiwis, El Diluvi yKarma.

00:00 Ochenteando: La Guardia + Javier Ojeda (Danza Invisible) + Carlos Segarra (Los Rebeldes)at Glorieta gardens. Homage to Luís Martínez.


19:30 Música Festera concertby the simphonic band Tot per la Música at plaça Major.

20:00 Children’s show: Diverpeques at Glorieta gardens.

22:00 Night visit to the bell tower at la Vila.

23:00 Amaral concert at the local stadium El Clariano.

23:00 Show called The Show at Glorieta gardens.



18:00 Music Bands Parade fromplaça de la Concepció to Gomis and Maians streets. Once finished, all the music bands will play at the same time the moorish march Chimo at plaça Major.

23:30 Great parade Alardos, which is an informal parade where everybody wears fancy dresses and marches in a pasodoble rhythm along Almaig and Daniel Gil avenues and plaça de la Concepció.

01:00 Titanic band at Glorieta gardens.



11:00 Entrada Infantil from Daniel Gil avenue, plaça de la Concepció, Gomis, Maians to plaça Major.

18:00 ENTRADA DEL BANDO CRISTIANO. This act begins with an encouraging talk directed to the Christian Captain. This year theCapitanía is guided by comparsa Contrabandistas and la Embajada is guided by comparsa Marineros.

22:00 ENTRADA DEL BANDO MORO. Splendid Moorish marches, oriental magic and attractive choreographies can be found at this great parade. This year, the Capitanía is guided by comparsa Abencerrajes and la Embajada, is guided by the comparsa Taifas.

Both parades move along Almaig and Daniel Gil avenues and finish at plaça de la Concepció.

01:00 DJ exhibition at Glorieta gardens.


07:30 Diana (morning reveille parade) going through the following streets:plaça de la Coronació, Sant Antoni, Capellans, les Eres, Dos de Maig, Sant Josep, Sant Domingo, Alcalde Paco Montés, Dos de Maig, plaça de la Concepció, Gomis, Maians and finish at plaça Major.

11:15 Ball dels Contrabandistesat plaça de la Concepció.

11:30 Parade of Contrabando starting from plaça de la Concepció to carrer Major.

12:00 Contrabando, act carried out by Marineros (sailors) and Contrabandistas (smugglers) at plaça Major.

17:45 Dramatic reading of the text la Baixada in Santa Anna hermitage. Once finished, the captains shoot their blunderbusses and the harquebus battle begins.

19:00 Procesión de laBajada del Santísimo Cristo de la Agonía through la Cantereria, plaça de Baix, plaça Major and Maians.

00:00 Discovery band and DJ exhibition at Glorieta gardens.

02:00 Fireworks at Recinto Ferial.



07:30 Mass in the crossroad Martínez Valls and José Simó Marín. Once the Mass is finished, the Diana de Gala begins and moves along the following streets: Martínez Valls, Daniel Gil, Gomis, Maians and plaça Major.

10:30 - 13:30 Santa Maria church is opened to tourists the whole morning (church, bell tower, chapel and crypt).

12:00 Misa Solemne (high mass) in Sant Carles’ parish. Afterwards, visit to the Purissima’s chapel and the Santo Hospital de Beneficencia.

18:00 Solemne Procesión from plaça de Sant Domingo, Morereta, Sant Josep, Dos de Maig, Gomis and Maians to Sant Carles’ parish.

19:45 Salida del Cristo from Sant Carles’ parish.

00:00 Divina Band at Glorieta gardens.



10:00 Concelebrated mass in honour to the Santísimo Cristo de la Agonía at San Carles’ parish.

10:30 - 13:30 Santa Maria church opened to tourists the whole morning (church, bell tower, chapel and crypt).

11:00 Harquebus battle with a parade of both sides. The Moors begin at La Canterería and the Christians at Santa Maria’s bridge.

12:00 EMBAJADA MORA at plaça Major. When the act finishes, the parade of all comparsas begins from this point and finishes at plaça de la Concepció. This parade is carried out by Bando Cristiano.

17:00 Harquebus battle with the parade of the Christians comparsas  from la Cantereria and of the Moors comparas from Santa María's bridge. 

18:00 EMBAJADA CRISTIANA and final parade along Maians and Gomis, which finishes at plaça de la Concepció.



20:30 Great popularDansada from Sant Carles' parish to  plaça Major.



11:30 Dobla mass at Sant Carles' parish.

19:00 Subida del Santísimo Cristo: the Christ is carried back to Santa Ana hermitage along the following streets: Gomis, plaça de la Concepció, Pont Nou and Sant Francesc.

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