Picasso and Marilyn in Valencia

Publishing date 20/03/2013

Valencia loves exhibitions, so it's easy to find all kinds of them in various locations around the city. This week we invite you to visit a few that will surprise you, featuring internationally renowned artists. From Picasso etchings to seductive photographs of Marilyn, both are on show at Centro Cultural Bancaja. Enjoy art in Valencia!


Picasso and Marilyn in Valencia

A selection of 50 etchings by the most world famous Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso, is on display at Fundación Bancaja in Valencia until 4 January 2014. The exhibition Picasso. Fauno. Centauro. Minotauro, looks at some essential concepts of classic mythology and the Málaga-born artist's take on them. The exhibition coincides with the 40th anniversary of Picasso's death.

And while you're at Fundación Bancaja, don't miss the exhibition entitled Tentación-Es Marilyn, running until 6 July and giving you the chance to get up close and personal with one of the biggest icons of the 1950s and 60s American star system.

If you're a photography enthusiast, your best option is to go and see the Fragmentos de un año: 2012 exhibition. This display of documentary photography draws together last year's most significant events and news stories, showcasing the work of 17 photojournalists. You have until 1 May to see it at the Centro Cultural La Nau at the University of Valencia.

Valencia has a wealth of artistic expression on display this spring. Come to this great city and enjoy art!

Opening times and guided tours of 'Picasso. Fauno. Centauro. Minotauro'
Opening times and guided tours of 'Tentación-ES Marilyn'
Opening times for the 'Fragmentos de un año' exhibition


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