Sexenni de Morella, a uniqe tradition in this world

Publishing date 30/07/2018

Every six years in August, Morella becomes the stage of a unique and unequalled ceremony, the festivities of Sexenni. A party with 346 years of history full of festive mood, tradition and unparalleled elements, making it an exceptional event, one must experience for himself. Don’t think twice!
Sexenni de Morella, a uniqe tradition in this world

The festivities are celebrated to honour the Virgin of Vallivana, as a token of gratitude, after a horrible plague was defeated. In the year 1673 the authorities vowed to organise a festival in her memory, which was to be held every six years and holds on until today. During the Sexenni, Morellia changes into a lively open-air museum full of beauty, art and history.


Sexenni is astonishing from the first to the last day. Start with the Rogativa, the arrival of the Virgin of Vallivana in Morella. From this moment on the Novenario begin, nine spectacular days full of craftmanship, dance, music, colours and devotion. Every day a parade happens, a procession, where different cultural traditions meet. Each with its own unique elements. Without doubt, one of the biggest attractions you don’t want to miss.


Morella inhabits countless reasons to be visited. For example, strolling through the old city, will enclose you with the spirit of medieval times. The unparalleled location, the magical areas and the rich, architectonic and cultural heritage are some of the reasons Morella bears the title „Conjunto Histórico Artístico“.


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