Exhibition "5 countries, one vision - 5 países una visión" Manises 2019

Manises will host a unique exhibition with lustre works of artists from 5 countries.
Exhibition "5 countries, one vision - 5 países una visión" Manises 2019
  • Actividades culturales
  • Dates:
    • Starts: 12/07/2019
    • Ends: 09/08/2019
  • c/ Major, 91
  • City: Manises
  • Phone numbers:
    • 961534310

Manises will host this extraordinary exhibition of contemporary lustre, which will show this millenary technique, from the hand of 6 artists who come from 5 countries: Iran, Italy, United Kingdom, Australia and Spain.

The journey of maiolica, and of lustre, is an adventu re that began thirteen centuries ago, in the heart of the Islamic world, from Mesopotamia, Egypt, Syria and Persia. 

The innovative techniques of tinglaze have followed the impetuous course of Arab expansion, through the Maghreb, to arrive in Spain, and later to Italy. From Italy and Spain lustres spread, in the second half of the nineteenth century, first to England and then to the rest of Europe.

This exhibition is an opportunity to show us a current vision of this ancestral technique from the hands of the following potters:

-Abbas Akbari (Kashan, Irán)

-Arturo Mora Benavent (Manises, Spain)

-Giampetro Rampini (Gubbio, Italy)

-Grazioni Pericoli (Gualdo Tadino, Italy)

-Jonathan Chiswell Jones (Hankham, United Kingdom).

-John Kuczwall (Wollongon, Australia).

The prestige of the potters involved will make Manises become the nerve center for potters and ceramic lovers.

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c / Major, 91

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