Discover La Vilavella with its free guided tours and educational workshops

Publishing date 2/12/2018

Discover the artistic, natural and historical heritage of the municipality of La Vilavella through several free guided tours and didactic workshops for children that will have place until the end of the year.
Discover La Vilavella with its free guided tours and educational workshops

In the Castellón region of La Plana Baixa we find La Vilavella. To show and display its heritage, some entertaining routes have been created for the visitors to discover the charms of the municipality.


The Patrimonial Route El Barri will have place on Wednesdays until the end of the year, starting at 6 pm. It wants to show heritage the village has from a different point of view. On Thursdays the so-called Thermal Route has place. It starts at 6 pm and you can enjoy it until December 27th. It is believed that already in Roman times the springs scattered throughout the town were used and that, from the eighteenth century, these springs made spas proliferate. On this route you can see the Balneario de Monlleó, the only one currently in operation, and others that are no longer used as the Canonge or the Santa Bárbara.


Next Sunday, December 9th at 10:00 a guided tour will take place to the Santa Bárbara Trincheras (Trenches). This route serves as a pedagogical and touristic element of La Vilavella, visiting the remaining vestiges in the Santa Bárbara Mountain from the Battle of Levante fought here between 1938 and 1939.


In La Vilavella, they also take care of the smallest in the house. For them, there will be a very special activity on Saturday 15th at 11 o'clock. It is a Christmas workshop where they can make their own Christmas Nativity figures. It will be at the Museu de La Vilavella and it is necessary to register in advance at the Town Hall to participate.

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