Medieval Market in Vila Joyosa, an artisans’ meeting

Publishing date 27/04/2015

This year, the Medieval Market, held from May 1 to 3 in the picturesque old town of Vila Joyosa, promises to be a true meeting of artisans. Come and be amazed at the heart of La Vila!
Medieval Market in Vila Joyosa, an artisans’ meeting

Nearly fifty artisans are involved in the Villa Joyosa Market; all of them are creators and able to offer a wide range of quality products.  The medieval atmosphere is completed with minstrels, jugglers, contortionists and fakirs.

, the association of craftsmen that organizes the Vila Joiosa’s fair guarantees the authenticity of products in every stall. They only support author crafts, which means that the author of the pieces must be present in the stall, where s/he shows that the pieces sold have been done by him or her.

Thus, the public has the opportunity to buy directly from the craftsman and even ask for something special if what you are looking for is not found.  All artisans bring their tools to customize their products or adapt to customer preferences, for example, painting a special design or writing a name in the chosen piece.  Some work directly in their stalls so that visitors can observe the skills, patience and affection with which crafts are made.

Each stall shows something different. These are unique pieces at a great price. Joan makes lovely toys and wooden puzzles, Mikel makes colorful shoes and sandals for children and adults, and José Luís turns wire into original lamps, in the shape of insects.  You can find Francisco with its traditional and at the same time different pottery, Tony's leather bags are designed to be use for many years, Juanjo is dedicated to recycling and he makes jewelry out of forks and knives, and the tiles painted by Daniela are true works of art. Several artisans offer their own designed jewelery and costume jewelery done with macramé, silver, ceramics and even dried flowers.

Younger guests will enjoy the playroom, participate in craft workshops or climb on the carousel, while the adults can regain strength in the tavern and grocery store or take a tea and try Arabic food in the Arabic tent.  All this is animated by the troubadours of Sol Redó and the charming juggler Ly, who surprises the audience with her characters on stilts and her contortion and fakir performances.

The market opens on Friday, May 1, at four in the afternoon.  The opening hours on Saturday and Sunday are 11.00 am to 10.00 pm.


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